BROOKLYN PAPER: Bird eyes view: Art Walk features a glass half-full of owls

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A local illustrator has transformed the windows of a Bay Ridge wine bar into a whimsical jungle scene, as the final stop on the nabe’s annual Storefront Art Walk on May 13. The artist behind the transparent fresco fronting the Owl’s Head vino venue said that she wanted to infuse the Bay Ridge streetscape into her work.

“When you look through the window, the street sort of becomes part of the painting,” said Greenpoint artist Bethany Robertson. “That’s my way of incorporating the neighborhood — everything around it becomes a part of the art.”

The Tennessee native also blended elements of her signature paper flora sculptures with her cutesy illustration style to create a 10-foot mural filled with the bar’s namesake. Owl heads and eyes poke out from behind a fantastical, almost-geometric landscape painted on the window in white chalk. The design is a departure for Robertson, who had to adapt her style to fit the space, which became a makeshift studio for her while she experimented with different approaches, she said.