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Michelle Farkouh and SAW in the Home Reporter

Fifth Avenue to become showcase for local art
by Heather J. Chin

Having grown up as an art-loving kid in Bay Ridge, Michelle Farkouh has been “painting and drawing for as long as [she] can remember.” Now that she has earned a BFA in Illustration and Communication Design, the young artist is channeling that passion and skill into work with children’s book publishers and other projects that reach the average person.

“Most of the art I produce is intended for an accessible audience, like [with] children’s books or posters,” said Farkouh, whose work – angry cakes, backyard amusement parks – is simultaneously bold, simple, imaginative and playful. “I gather inspiration for new images from everyday life, and have a sketchbook to draw ideas out.” […]

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SAW in The Brooklyn Eagle

Storefront Art Walk Starts May 16, Precursor to Fifth Avenue Festival
By Harold Egeln

Wherefore “art” thou, roaming art lovers? As of Monday, May 16, you should be on Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge, enjoying art that will be on display in shop and restaurant windows!

For the second year in a row, centered around the fabulous Fifth Avenue Festival on Sunday, June 5, the Bay Ridge Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District is sponsoring a Storefront Art Walk.

The entire display of the artwork by 20 individual artists who work in a variety of visual media is set to dazzle pedestrians strolling and shopping along the avenue for four full weeks, from May 16 through June 16[…]

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SAW in The Brooklyn Paper

Walk of art; Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge will be one long studio later this month

The streets of Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge will be turned into art galleries as Brooklyn artists present their work in storefronts along the bustling Avenue.

Starting on May 16 and continuing through June 13, 20 participating artists will present different visual media including paintings, sculptures and video, in the business window of their choice.

“It’s nice to give the artists an option for which businesses they want to work with,” said John Avelluto, co-founder of the Fifth Avenue Storefront Art Walk. “The structures of the stores can bring on creativity.”[…]

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